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The site for the Training School.

Our vision for a better rural Timor Leste.

We seek to welcome you to partner with us in building a Training School.

Aid Footprint Incorporated has a vision to transform one village community at a time, to show them firstly how, step by step to produce and pellet stock feed. This will lead to a goal that will supply 4 different stock “protein enterprises.”

    TIMOR LESTE 2016 Statistics show:
  • 1. Rural people get 1.9% of the country’s budget, although they represent 65% of the population.
  • 2. 69% of its rural people are either subsistence farmers, fisher people or unemployed.
  • 3. Currently over 17,000 youth leave school annually but only 400 jobs are created.
  • 4. Timor Leste has the highest prevalence of underweight children under 5 years old in the Asia/Pacific region.
  • 5. Half of Timor Leste’s population is less than 17 years old, and the largest group still in Primary School.
  • 6. The current life expectancy is 53 years of age.

  • Aid Footprint Incorporated Core Values:

    a. First Need, First Claim. You use the resources that meets the most important need, then move on to the “next first need.”

    b. You can’t maintain ideas in the abstract. They need to become substance that acts.

    c. Fear is the polio of the soul which prevents us from walking in faith – Success is being faithful to the Cross.

    d. Demonstrating respect and tolerance for other beliefs does not mean we should hide our own Light under a bush.

    Questions / Answers

    What is the process to be a part of this project?

    Complete the application form and return it to us to become a member.


    Where does the money go?

    To purchase more land that enables the 4 “protein developing” Enterprises to be established..

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